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Dedication: “Ghosts of Sand Creek

Dedication to “Ghosts of Sand Creek” 

On Novemeber 29, 1864 700 soldiers of the 1st and 3rd cavalries slaughtered, mutilated,raped, and murdered over 400 Cheyenne and Arapaho children, women, and elders.  This was so tragic is should never be forgotten.  The decendents of these great people should always be remembered.

One amazing insight is Black Kettle’s wife was shot 9 times, but survived. They sought refuge with the brave Cheyenne Dog Soldiers.

 So, this page is dedicated to the Cheyenne and Arapaho who died.  They will forever be remembered. 





I have been given the opportunity to help in a documentary about this tragic event.  I am the Executive Producer of Olympus Films.  We are currently working on a file title, “Ghosts of Sand Creek”  It is with great honor that I work beside of Don Vasicek.  He is an Award-winning Writer/Filmmaker.  Here is his website:

 Take a look at the website:

 If you would like to make a contribution to help with the film, please send to the following:

Olympus Films+, LLC

 7078 South Fairfax Street, Centennial, CO 80122.

 If you prefer to use Paypal, here is the email

 Contributions can also  be sent to:

The American Genocide Indian Museummade out to the museum,

11013 Fuqua, PMB 78, Houston, TX 770789-2510.

Make it out to the museum but state you state that the contribution is for “Ghosts of Sand Creek” Documentary film

 Here is the link to the Museum:

 Here is the link to view some of the film:

You can contact me with any questions:

Melinda Elmore

Executive Producer

Olympus Films+,LLC

“Ghosts of Sand Creek”



Walk in harmony,




  1. Really interesting read! Honestly.

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